Wrongful Death Law Firm Hinesville

If you are seeking legal representation due to the wrongful death of a family member in Hinesville, The Mabra Firm can assist you.

In 2018, a scant number of fatalities due to vehicular collisions occurred in Georgia, but this pales in comparison to other potential causes of wrongful death.

Experiencing the passing of someone close can be agonizing; grieving one’s loss while pushing for justice in a wrongful death litigation is even more challenging.

If you want to pursue a legal action for the passing of a beloved one, it is beneficial to collaborate with a wrongful death attorney in Hinesville instead of attempting it alone.

The Mabra Firm focuses on aiding individuals and families affected by personal injury incidents in securing recompense and fairness for their losses and injuries.

What are the advantages of working with a knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer at The Mabra Firm? Read on to acquire more information regarding wrongful death cases and why choosing a wrongful death legal practice like The Mabra Firm should be your primary move.

What are the elements of a wrongful death claim?

It is essential to identify which deaths come about due to chance and those that are caused by wrongful acts.

The essential point in a fatality due to negligence is that the offender had a responsibility of providing certain care and failed to do so. To further explain, we will give examples of some of the more standard reasons for wrongful death.

Motor vehicle collisions

If your beloved perished as a result of an auto collision due to another driver’s negligent or dangerous behavior, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim.

For instance, they could be messaging while in control of a vehicle or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A frequent source of wrongful death is medical negligence.

The act of medical practitioners providing substandard care to their patients

It may be more common than perceived, but medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to offer sufficient treatment and if this failure leads to a death, then it might be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Errors in diagnosis and medical procedures performed are the two most frequent causes of medical malpractice. Additionally, fatalities due to occupational hazards can lead to wrongful death cases.

Incidents occurring in the workplace

If a person passes away due to an accident in their work environment, it is essential to investigate the matter to see if their death was unjustified by their employer or manager.

Illustrations might involve employers not supplying adequate safety equipment, demanding that workers execute knowingly hazardous tasks, neglecting to factor in an employee’s disability during job allotment, and so forth. Hereinafter, we will investigate how a wrongful death attorney can assist you.

What are the advantages of working with a lawyer for a wrongful death lawsuit?

Having a basic knowledge of wrongful death cases, it is important to understand the importance of having a legal representative when pursuing a wrongful death suit. Why is this so imperative?

Demonstrating one’s case in a wrongful death case is complex

To successfully demonstrate a death due to negligence, three components must be demonstrated.

  • That the accused was obligated to provide a certain degree of consideration to the deceased, and what that appropriate level of care entailed.
  • That the accused neglected to exercise a standard level of prudence due to their own actions or inactions
  • Lack of proper attention resulting in the demise or contributing to the passing of the deceased

Demonstrating lack of care is not always a straightforward process. Generally, you are striving to demonstrate the nonexistence of something (e.g.). Lawyers are experienced in replicating the circumstances and delivering substantiation, which is distinct from simply indicating that something exists. This is a concept that most individuals are not accustomed to when it comes to activities such as vigilant driving or comprehensive healthcare.

Obtaining rightful recompense is complex

When making a claim for wrongful death, the purpose is to get retribution and acquire the financial remuneration that you are entitled to. Evaluating what should be given as recompense can be difficult due to the passing of a cherished family member. Remuneration can encompass:

  • Healthcare expenses incurred due to the tragedy which claimed the life of your beloved
  • Expenses related to the funeral, interment, or commemoration for your relative
  • Displaced earnings that subsidized any dependents of your relative
  • Extra remuneration for psychological trauma (which is usually the hardest to measure in terms of money)

To ascertain the amount due, it is necessary to gather pertinent records. These could comprise of items such as healthcare expenses, wage slips, debts that are no longer addressed through the deceased person’s wages, and more.

It is not recommended to go it alone in a wrongful death situation, as the party responsible for the incident often has legal counsel.

Insurance companies are equipped with their own legal representation

Generally, it is the insurance company of the defendant that provides the payment for a wrongful death claim. It is part and parcel in the process that insurers are assisted by their lawyers.

These lawyers commonly seek to persuade the complainant to accept the least possible resolution, disregarding any lamentable feelings they cause in the process.

It would not be fair for an individual to confront a legal team without their own representation, so it is essential that they seek out an attorney before attempting any kind of negotiation with the defendant or the insurer.

Seek out a trustworthy lawyer that will give you the correct advice and prioritize your needs, such as The Mabra Firm which has a successful background in personal injury cases.

The Mabra Law Firm in Hinesville is available to provide aid and support in such difficult situations.

For those who have endured the loss of a family member to an incident of wrong death, The Mabra Firm is available to help with finding justice and obtaining appropriate recompense instead of having to battle the process on one’s own.

The Mabra Firm offers free consultations to all Georgia families who are seeking compensation for personal injury claims, property damage claims, wrongful death claims and more. If you want to pursue legal action, don’t hesitate to reach out to us now.

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