What Should You Not Say To An Insurance Adjuster

What Should You Not Say To An Insurance Adjuster?


If you were recently involved in a car accident, you should do a few things right away to protect your physical and financial well-being.

If the negligence of someone else caused your accident, you will turn to the at-fault driver’s insurance for compensation.

After an accident that wasn’t your fault, you need enough money to cover your medical bills, property damage and recoup the other costs associated with the accident.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they do all they can to protect their profits.

The goal of every insurance adjuster is to pay out as little as possible to settle a claim.

That makes securing a fair settlement pretty challenging.

That’s why you shouldn’t do anything that hurts your chances of receiving maximum compensation, including saying the wrong things to your insurance agent.

In the article below, we will go over a few things you should never say to your insurance claims adjuster. 


Don’t Admit Fault

The worse thing accident victims can do for their insurances claim is admitting fault.

And, they don’t have to explicitly say the accident was their fault.

Simply apologizing for the accident or saying something like, “I didn’t see him coming,” could be taken as an admission of fault for the accident.

When the insurance company sends an insurance adjuster to investigate a wreck, the adjuster will work to find ways to reduce the amount of money the company has to payout.

The easiest way to do this is to show that the person filing the accident claim was actually at fault for the crash.

The auto insurance company won’t hesitate to use your words against you and take something as simple as an apology as an admission of fault.

If you were involved in an accident

Instead of accidentally admitting fault, you should always say as little as possible and wait for the investigation to determine what happened and who was at fault.

Getting legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer will help ensure that this investigation is done correctly.


Don’t Say You’re Okay

If you want your medical expenses covered in a personal injury claim, you should never tell the insurance adjuster you’re okay.

Your insurance company typically wants a quick settlement so you don’t have time to seek proper medical attention and find the full extent of your injuries.

You never want to minimize the damage done to you in a car accident.

Many car accident injuries have delayed symptoms, so you might not know you’ve been injured for days after your wreck.

Telling your insurance company you feel fine right after the accident or downplaying minor injuries will allow your adjuster to reduce the settlement offer and limit liability. 


Don’t Speculate

Personal injury settlements are complicated to begin with, so you should never speculate about the accident or your injuries.

When you speak to your insurance adjuster after your auto accident, be polite, but don’t answer questions when you do not know the facts.

Never speculate or give your opinion about what happened or who you think is to blame.

Speculating about the accident can hurt your case because the adjuster could later use it as evidence that you changed your story.

Conversations with insurance adjusters should be as direct and concise as possible.

Be truthful, but do not give details the adjuster does not ask for and don’t answer questions when you aren’t confident know the answer.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, just don’t say anything.

Speculative statements will almost always damage your claim and reduce your compensation.


Don’t Give An Official Statement

Insurance claims adjusters will want a recorded statement about the accident.

You don’t have to give them one, especially without talking to an accident lawyer first.

Once you give a recorded statement, you cannot take it back.

Your recorded statement will dictate the rest of the claims process and any possible personal injury case.

Even if your recorded statement is accurate, it could be dissected and used to imply that you weren’t seriously hurt or that you caused the crash.

Adjusters will focus on your injuries or ask detailed questions about the accident.

They will probe for the speculative statements we discussed above that will be used to show inconsistencies in your story.

Any information about your injuries may change as your conditions develop.

You are not legally obligated to provide a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, and you never should.

Politely refuse to provide one and then refer them to your attorney.


How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me After An Accident?

Your personal injury lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of a case.

But, having a team of accident attorneys negotiate with the insurance company will significantly improve your chances of getting the settlement you need.

Law firms that specialize in accident claims will have the knowledge and experience to win your compensation while you take care of your injuries.

The Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Mabra Law Firm have the experience necessary to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Our lawyers will have your best interests throughout the settlement process, and they will fight tirelessly for fair compensation.

Contact The Mabra Law Firm for a free consultation.







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Wrongful Death Legal Representation in Atlanta

Are you seeking legal assistance following the passing of a loved one due to an unfortunate accident in Atlanta? The Mabra Firm can provide support.

In 2021, only a small proportion of potential wrongful death cases were recorded in Georgia due to the 1,844 road deaths.

Dealing with the passing away of a beloved is difficult. Combating for fairness in court proceedings while there are still feelings of sorrow is more complicated.

If you are planning to make a wrongful death case for a relation, it is beneficial to work with an Atlanta wrongful death attorney. This lawyer can aid you with your legal choices and decide if you have the proper authority to start a suit.

The Mabra Firm is a legal practice dedicated to providing assistance to those suffering from physical harm inflicted in an accident and their families in order to receive the warranted financial recompense and justice.

Discover the advantages of partnering with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from The Mabra Firm for wrongful death claims. Learn why engaging a Wrongful Death legal representative in Georgia from The Mabra Firm should be your initial action.

What are the criteria for wrongful death?

Initially, it’s essential to discern fatalities which arise from unintentional events that are believed blameless and fatalities that develop from occurrences that are considered wrongful.

In order to comprehend more fully, we’ll offer a few illustrations of some of the most prevalent sources of wrongful demise in a wrongful death suit. The essential aspect is that the defendant must have been obligated to give the deceased person an appropriate amount of care and, due to carelessness, did not supply that measure of care.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

If your beloved was involved in a car incident and passed away resulting from or due to the crash, you may have a wrongful death complaint on your hands. Traffic deaths can be considered wrongful death if another motorist caused the collision by operating in an irresponsible or careless way.

For instance, they could have been messaging while operating a motor vehicle or inebriated. A frequent source of wrongful death is medical neglect.

Negligence in the delivery of medical care

Medical negligence may be more widespread than we suppose. A doctor may be liable for wrongful death if they fail to give suitable care to a patient, and this leads to mortality.

Apart from diagnosis-related problems, surgeries are the primary contributor to medical negligence claims. Workplace incidents can also form the basis of wrongful death suits.

Incidents that happen while on the job

When you are in the service of a company or a person, they owe you partial accountability with regards to keeping you safe. If any workplace incident leads to fatality, it is worth scrutinizing the circumstances to determine if the demise was wrongfully caused.

Here, we will look into how a personal injury attorney may be able to assist you in seeking monetary recompense. This may include cases like not supplying suitable safety apparel, requesting employees to carry out activities that are acknowledged to be dangerous, disregarding an employee’s physical limitations when assigning duties and so on.

What are the advantages of consulting a lawyer for a wrongful death lawsuit?

Having acquired some knowledge on the subject of wrongful death cases, it is imperative to investigate further regarding the legalities of such proceedings. With that in mind, why should Atlanta personal injury attorneys be consulted when launching a wrongful death lawsuit?

Establishing accountability for a wrongful death incident involves complex procedures

To ascertain culpability for a death, you must demonstrate three facts with utter certainty:

  • That the defendant was obligated to provide a reasonable amount of care towards the victim and what that amount of care should have been
  • It was the responsibility of the defendant to use reasonable caution, but they neglected to do so.
  • The lack of proper attention resulted in, or was an immediate factor in, the passing away of the decedent

Demonstrating an absence of care can be hard to do. Normally, you are asserting the lack of something (for example, Lawyers being knowledgeable about providing evidence in trials that makes sure reasonable care was taken (i.e. cautious driving or thorough medical attention) as opposed to proving the occurrence of something. Replicating the situation and furnishing the essential proof is something that attorneys are experienced with but not most individuals.

You have a two-year window to submit a wrongful death claim following the death of the person in question, so time is of the essence. Reach out to our successful accident attorneys immediately and don’t wait.

Securing proper restitution is intricate

Goals of filing a wrongful death lawsuit are to seek satisfaction and acquire the maximum possible recompense from the culpable individual. Coming up with an exact amount for reimbursement resulting from the passing of a family member is often difficult. Financial remuneration can include:

  • Expenses related to the incident causing the premature passing of your family member
  • Charges related to the funeral, internment, or commemoration of your beloved
  • Diminished funds to provide for any individuals relying on your relative
  • Financial remuneration for psychological trauma (which is usually the most challenging to estimate in terms of money)

Gathering relevant paperwork is essential for calculating the financial remuneration due from the responsible party. This potentially includes medical receipts, wage slips, costs that were previously maintained by the decedent’s earnings, and more.

In a personal injury case, it is not recommended that you handle it by yourself. Typically, the person responsible will have attorneys advocating on their behalf.

Insurance Companies employ their own lawyers

Typically, the insurer of the suspect is the one contributing monetary reparations in a wrongfully caused demise. As expected, insurance firms are outfitted with lawyers of their own.

Often, these lawyers attempt to make the plaintiff accept the smallest amount of compensation regardless of their emotional anguish, with the major goal being met.

It is not recommended for any individual to face a squad of lawyers without professional representation. To make the situation equal, you should seek legal assistance prior to initiating contact with either the defendant or their insurance provider.

Find a reliable and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer like The Mabra Firm to handle your case and safeguard your rights during this tough period.

The Mabra Law Firm wrongful death specialists in Atlanta are committed to advocating for justice and retribution for you.

If you are facing the tragic consequence of wrongful death of a beloved one, you don’t need to struggle by yourself with the judicial system for justice and equitable reparation. Instead, rely on The Mabra Firm who will combat for your legal rights and help you restore financial stability during this hard moment.

The Mabra Firm works with families throughout Georgia that are initiating personal injury claims, compensation for property harm, wrongful death cases, and more. If you feel you have a legitimate claim, reach out to us right away for a complimentary legal review.

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